Shane K. Warne Recollections of Warne 145 Test Match Recollections 1992 – 2007

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Shane K. Warne Recollections of Warne 145 Test Match Recollections 1992 – 2007

Recollections of Warne

Personally signed by: Shane Warne
Limited Edition: 145 each and individual
Size: 520 mm x 1140 mm (approx)

In the world of memorabilia, this is an extraordinary invitation

Following on the heels of the hugely successful Recollections of Steve Waugh and more recently Sir Donald Bradman comes the Recollections of Warne

Shane Warne himself has been amazed by the final presentation, created from a mountain of research and development. Shane personally invested many hours working closely with Legends to achieve one of the finest and most unique cricket collectables ever to be released.

Many people behind the scenes applaud the project and only Legends can offer you this opportunity with Shane Warne who has chosen to work exclusively with Legends on this innovative project.

…In the 11 months since he closed the curtain on his outstanding Test career, Shane Warne has completed one of his most pleasurable tasks – recounting every one of his 145 Test matches for this magnificent new release!

Throughout a lengthy series of sessions with renowned and respected Australian sportswriter Ian Heads, Shane reflected on the expectations of how each team would perform, the strength and personality of the individual players, the mood of the cricket fans, and where the match was played. The end result is a remarkably candid and unique insight into some of the most monumental Test matches in Australian cricket history, a perspective never before published.

Entitled, ‘Recollections of Warne’, this landmark release is a series of 145 Showcased Wickets, celebrating Shane Warne’s illustrious Test career – superbly presented within a stylish timber Showcase, representing each Test match in which Shane Warne played. Personally signed and featuring a full set of wickets – each individual set of wickets has been faithfully reproduced to reflect the actual sponsor’s branding, identically matching those used in each and every one of Shane’s 145 Tests. Each Showcase will highlight Shane’s own personal recollection of that particular Test…No two are the same.

Imagine how this important piece of cricketing history could be the centrepiece of conversation with your friends and associates!

Each one will come with ‘Absolutely FREE of charge’‘Test Recollections’, a unique diary containing each and every one of Shane Warne’s 145 Test match recollections – never before published and not available for sale, this diary is in itself a priceless piece of cricketing folklore.

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Product Id: MEM09