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15 December 2019: Merry Christmas one and all. May you get your wish for Christmas this year be it for a long dreamt of toy or health for a family member. Christmas is not just about receiving but also sharing and the hope that those doing it hard be it financially or health that they receive relief from life’s not so comforting times. Wishing you also a better New Year for 2020.

I have started a section on this page called Sabe’s Wrecking Yard where you will find discounted items where some may just need to be repaired, some missing parts, some simply not working where they can be used to modify items like cars or for spare parts considering that parts of a whole can be more expensive or simply where they are not available for those disposable toys so to speak. Thank you for supporting us in 2019 and although our bricks and mortar store is closing we are not. I hope you will support us via our website. Thank you once again. Sabe

Sabe’s Wrecking Yard:

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