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11 March 2020

Hi all as of the the 10th posting has commenced for all item purchased whilst we were on the move. Most items have been found and being packed to post. The odd item is yet to be located. I will keep you up to date as individuals from here though if you are concerned and have any questions please contact me. At the moment I am a one man team and I am doing my best to get things done as quick as possible.

23 February 2020

Hi all as many of you may already be aware of us closing our store in 16 Skye Road Frankston Vic 3199 Australia we are moving to our new premises soon. Our new premises will be online only. As we will be busy moving there will be a period of time we will not be able to post. You may continue to buy but please understand your item will not be posted until we are set up in our new premises. Friday the 31 January 2020 is our last post date. All other items sold after Thursday 30 January 2020 will be on hold. At this stage our latest update for items to be post is after the 8 March. Sorry for hold up though between mistakes with our warehouse and longer than expected set up time I cannot do it any sooner. Sabe

Sabe’s Wrecking Yard:

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